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Our Testimonials

“I have really enjoyed Sue’s TRX classes on a Monday night. It is the perfect start to the week and I have seem my fitness improve immensely. Sue is a fantastic teacher, providing different levels of exercise for different capabilities and always enthusiastic throughout, to keep us all motivated.”

TRX participant

“Sue Leftwich is quite small but she is worth her weight in gold! Indeed, in the last 4 years, she has done so much to help my mobility and reduce pain, that she would still be worth her weight in gold, even if she were twice as heavy!”

Home visits for Mobility

“I really enjoy coming to my class - it just passes too quickly - fastest hour of the week.”

Stroke participant

“Sue is an experienced, knowledgeable teacher. Her classes are enjoyable and will leave you rejuvenated in body, mind and soul.”

Core Strength participant

“After an hour with Sue you will feel good all over. Enjoyable, fun and very thorough.Highly recommended.”

Falls Prevention participant

“The class means a lot to me. It has given me mobility which I wouldn’t otherwise have had. Plus of course - the banter! It is tiring because I am pushing my body but it has improved the quality of my walking.”

Stroke participant

“Sue has a specific knowledge of human anatomy and the ways in which it can go wrong, causing both loss of mobility and increased risk of falls. She has an exceptional ability to design exercises that are specific to her particular client and to slowly & gently build them up, consequently increasing mobility and decreasing falls.”

Home visits for Falls Prevention

“After a heart attack in January 2011, I contacted Sue. Her weekly visits, through rain, sleet and snow, have given me courage and confidence. Nine years later I am still well. She is 24 carat gold and a thorough professional.”

Home visit for Cardiac Rehabilitation

“Sue has opened up a whole new world of fitness for me, with TRX & Core Strength. She never fails to amaze me with the variety of different exercises. I’ve seem a huge difference in my core strength, which helps me greatly with lifting my two little ones and less back pain too. Her 12 days of Christmas classes are a must for all!”

TRX & Core Strength

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