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Level 2 training

Core strength

No, NOT another Pilates class!

This session encompasses ideas from a variety of fitness backgrounds, knowledge & skills, learnt over the past 12 years. What is Core Strength? It is the effective recruitment of the core torso muscles that stabilise the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex, together with those that stabilise the shoulder girdle.Classes are in 6-8 week blocks, utilising a piece of equipment, such as medicine balls, to aid resistance work. Each session covers the 6 working positions in order to work all planes of functional fitness.

Men on mats!

A Core strength session for men only.

This class complements cardiovascular fitness such as cycling & running. Aspects of fitness covered, as well as core strength, are balance, co-ordination and muscular strength & endurance. A total body workout utilising equipment and mats. The dreaded Plank and Press-ups feature regularly! This session is only held in the Winter months - please see timetable for start/finish dates.

Nordic walking

I set up a Banchory-based Nordic Walking group two years ago. Nordic Walking is great for hip, knee & ankle injuries as the upper body takes over approximately 20% of the workload. Another total body workout as it utilises 95% of the skeletal muscles. It is also useful for improving aerobic endurance, energy levels, walking speed, stride and most importantly, it burns up to 30% more calories than ordinary walking. Introduction to Nordic walking sessions include tuition and poles.

Suspension training / TRX

Suspension training or TRX (total body resistance exercises) is the latest fitness equipment to flood the market. Having owned my own TRX for several years, and already incorporating it into some of my classes, I decided to qualify as a TRX coach and set up my own class. The suspension trainer has been described as the SAFE trainer system - it is Simple, Achievable, Functional Exercise, suitable for all ages and abilities. Indeed it has been trialled in the USA as an effective piece of equipment for Falls Prevention and the Elderly. The TRX straps allow each participant to exercise safely, using their body weight and gravity for exercise resistance.