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What exactly is a Specialist Exercise Professional?

Level 4 REPs

"Recently I acquired a new GP who asked me this question on my first visit! This is not the first time I have been asked this question and due to the lack of understanding and education within the general public and Heath Care Professionals, I have decided to address this question and allay any misconceptions that surround my role."

Charity Bike Ride 2017

"In November 2017, me, my husband and 5 other “guinea pigs” travelled to Buenos Aires, to start a 3 week cycle ride across the Andes. A first attempt over an unknown pass, or so we thought. "

Sadly, due to snow, the pass was closed, thus our cycle route across the Andes was changed to a more well known pass, called “Los Libertadores”.


Once upon a time, we walked on all fours and had few problems with incontinence, prolapses, pelvic and lower back pain.
The pelvic “floor” is an appropriate name - it is a series of muscles which lie horizontally between the two sit bones at the side,

Our Hidden gem - THE DIAMOND!

How many of you have been to a class, where the Instructor has said “pull up on your pelvic floor” and you haven’t a clue what he/she is talking about!
Problem is, the majority of us don’t know WHAT the pelvic floor is, WHERE it is located and HOW to activate it and due to embarrassment we keep quiet.

TRX for Sale

"I am selling a genuine TRX, hardly used, for £70, please contact me directly for details."